The Big 6’s in Health


Here’s my 6 important steps for health (in order of importance) that I recommend to almost all my patients.

  1. Water:

To determine the amount of water intake per day, here’s a little calculation to keep in mind

  • 1/3 of your body weight (IBS) = Ounces of water


  • Body weight (kgs) -18 (approx)=Ounces of water.   (1 ounce= 30ml)
  • + 8 Ounces for every vice (alcohol, coffee etc.)
  • +8 ounces for every 20mins of exercise

(The recommended amount of water can include herbal teas )

  1. Protein and Vegetables:
  • 10-15gms of protein for breakfast- (One simple rule to determine amount of proteins=size of your palm)

Proteins are necessary for a healthy cortisol response in the morning where it is at its peak from 6-10am. Examples for Proteins include- beans, nut butters, muesli, seeds, eggs, animal protein etc.

  • Everybody should have at least 3 cups of veggies/day. Dark green vegetables and ideally organic.
  1. Sleep:
  • A good night sleep is necessary to restore your adrenals.
  • Ideally, one should fall asleep in 20mins and have uninterrupted sleep for 6-8 hrs. We need two 3-4 Rem cycles to restore the adrenals.
  • For those, who wake up in the middle of the night, a small amount of protein at bedtime and a calcium-magnesium supplement is helpful.
  1. Exercise:
  • Ideally, 15-20 mins twice daily or 1 hr/day if possible. It is best if it includes all the 3 components of exercise- flexibility, aerobics and strength. But, any form of movement is just good enough.
  1. Good supplement regime:
  • It is best to get this evaluated through your Naturopathic doctor for appropriate dosages based on current lifestyle, specific conditions etc. Here’s a overly general supplement regime that most people would need these days in my opinion.
  • A good quality multivitamin that may include iron or no iron depending on the requirement. I am not a big fan of advising multivitamins for everybody as most of it goes un absorbed especially in case of tablets. But, considering today’s scenario and the amount of ongoing mineral deficiencies I see in practice , everyone would benefit from an additional bonus of minerals if given in the correct format.
  • Omega 3 oils. Quality here is extremely important and needs to be a reputable brand that is tested for heavy metals.
  • A Calcium – Magnesium combination (1:1)
  • Probiotics or fermented foods.
  1. Connect with Nature/soul/Gratitude:
  • A daily routine to spend few mins of the day in activity that connects to your true self.
  • Expressions that connect to your self can be prayer, reflection/meditation, art, music or nature walks, breath awareness, expression of gratitude to nature etc.

If you have a health condition and would like to explore how Naturopathic medicine could assist in your healing and recovery, Give us a call.




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