• I would have never heard of my daughter’s root cause of her symptoms. Not one of the gastro doctors suggested that it could be a possibility. We took the test as Dr Kamat suggested and they were indeed Positive. Now on the road to recovery.
    Thanks so much for your insight.
    -Sarina. S

  • Dr.Kamat is knowledgeable in the field of natural treatments and holds a well balanced view of both western and traditional remedies. Most importantly, she treats every patient as whole and not just see the disease itself. I have had great experience working with her on my IBD issues. Definitely recommended!
    Lim. B

  • When I was advised to have surgery for my nasal polyps I wanted to find an alternative treatment since I had heard of other people having undergone surgery only for the polyps to resurface. That’s when I found Dr Kamat online and decided to give her methods a try. Instead of isolating the problem and just treating it on the surface, she digs deeper (looking at your lifestyle habits on a whole) to find the root cause. Six months later (after taking supplements and making certain dietary changes) my polyps had shrunk and today I feel much better and have more energy. Dr Kamat really listens and genuinely cares. I would definitely recommend her for her holistic approach towards healing.
    Caroline. C

  • My son has Sensory Processing Disorder (seeking), Auditory Processing Disorder, and possibly ADHD. He NEVER slept through the night, couldn’t focus, and constantly seeking stimulation verbally, physically, visually. He would get over stimulated with (all) transitions, in class, with noises, which in turn caused everything to be a battle. Even though the speech, occupational and social therapists would understand and help us with behavioral and learning issues, school was a nightmare. I was on first name basis with school counselors and principals even though my son is compassionate and loving he was impulsive. I was desperate to help him and get to the root problem and after 7.5 years of no help from conventional doctors I researched day and night to find another solution because I did not want to put him on ADHD drugs.

    There is so much information (too much sometimes) on the internet and while I love to be educated about what is going on I sought help from Dr. Kamat. She listened to my son and myself and educated us on a kick start plan using information from therapists, school, and lab results. (She listened thoroughly to my son and myself and also analyzed reports from therapists, school, and lab results.) She put us on a certain food plan, gave us supplements that he needed, and essential oils. After the first few days, he finally started sleeping through the night. After about a month he started doing well in school. That was towards the end of 1st grade. This year in 2nd grade, the teachers and counselors have reached out to me to let me know they cannot even believe this is the same child! A total turn around! This has been the most stress free school year plus we are all getting sleep! After all those years of researching I am so glad I found Dr. K and I cannot thank her enough for her knowledge and direction.

  • I had been experiencing slow weight gain (despite eating well and exercising), hair loss, forgetfulness, lack of energy and brain fog. After several blood tests, she told me it was my thyroid that was sluggish. Even though my TSH was in the range, my other (general practitioner) said I was fine and sent me on my way. I was still experiencing those symptoms.
    Dr. Kamat suggested a natural thyroid supplement, and it has done wonders. I feel like my old self again!
    Dr. Kamat is a powerhouse of knowledge, and will get to the bottom of what is bothering you and will offer effective solutions.
    She listens to what you have to say, and you both work as a team to find a solution.
    I’ve learned a great deal from Dr. Kamat.
    I recommend her to everyone!

    -Anita. Z

  • Coming to Singapore and being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, discovering an MTHFR Gene mutation, Leaky Gut, NASH, Weight Gain, Plantar Fasciitis all within the last year is overwhelming. Dr. Kamat took my genetic testing, compared it with my labs and explained to me how and why things were happening to me. She listens, analyzes, cares, and follows up with great care and compassion, breaking things down into bite size portions that are doable! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with your guidance.

  • Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and western medicine failed to help my condition. Working with Dr Kamat has been life changing. She gets to the root cause of disease and maps out a plan of healing. I’m impressed with her knowledge of essential oils, supplements and food as medicine. Her communication style is top notch and overall a lovely, kind & extremely helpful doctor.
    Liz. N

  • I have suffered from anxiety , constant headaches and fatigue since a long time. During my first visit with Dr Radhika, she asked me questions to find out my lifestyle and dietary habits and overall other health history. She ordered a few blood tests, and, with the results, certain deficiencies were noted in my body. Together with the supplements she prescribed, and the dietary modifications she advised, my life has been pretty much better. She also taught me techniques to manage my anxiety, which are very effective and helpful. The constant tormenting headaches have vanished and my energy levels have never been better. My quality of life has certainly improved. Dr Radhika is indeed a kind and intuitive doctor. I am very grateful that I chose to seek treatment from her.
    Shobha. M

  • I saw Dr Kamat for eczema. Within a short span of 1 month, the eczema has cleared significantly. This is quite a feat given that I have tried many things before without avail. Dr Kamat gives very sound advice, is able to identify the root causes quickly and is always
    accessible through e-mail/phone even outside of clinic hours. She does not just address the skin complaints, but looks at a set of holistic inter-related factors including stress management and detoxification. She has a wide knowledge of my condition and tailors an individualized treatment plan that works for me. I look forward to continuing my treatment with Dr Kamat as she is effective, knowledgeable and reliable. I would recommend Dr Kamat to anyone who would like for a natural and safe approach to your health problems, and I am confident that she will help you just as she has helped me.


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